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Custom System Configuration

What is system configuration?
Put simply, this is where we assemble computer components for you based on your specifications. We can build stand-alone desktops, servers, and workstations.

Why would I want ICD to assemble my computers?
We know that time is money and you should spend time doing what you do best - selling the products, let ICDistribution worry about putting the computers together. Also, we know how hectic it can be if you are a small company and are wearing multiple hats and if you do not have to assemble the computer, this gives you more time to worry about the other, more important things, like selling the computers and making money. We have a team of assemblers on hand to assemble your computer for you. They are trained to make the computer "look good" both inside and out, so extra care is taken to insure that our assemblies look professional when the customer opens the computer (all of the ribbon cables are banded and tight, all other cables are "tucked" out of the way when possible, etc.).

What is the cost to have ICD assemble a computer?
Our fee varies based on several factors: number of components to be installed and configured, operating system to be installed, networked configured PC, etc. It will depend on the amount of time needed to build, install and configure the PC.

What steps are involved in assembling a PC?
First we assemble the actual components, then the software is loaded and all aspects of the computer are tested to insure they are working and configured properly. The computer is then placed on a burn-in software cycle for 48 hours, which will test the major components to insure they are meet the minimum industry specifications. The system is then taken off of burn-in and a 32 point quality control checklist is performed. Finally, the system is boxed and packaged to be shipped to you (note: when possible we put the PC inside of another larger box to prevent damage during shipment).

When I receive the computer, what do I need to do prior to giving it to the customer?
All that really needs to be done is to put your logo or case sticker on the front of the case, install any additional software, and get the customer's internet account pre-set for them if applicable. Everything else is already done for you. Then just deliver the computer to the customer and set it up.

Will I need to provide you with my customer's name prior to the software install so it can be registered to them?
No, we use the Microsoft pre-installation procedure of installing the Microsoft operating system so that the customer will input their name and company information, along with the product ID number upon receipt of the computer.

What kind of warranty do I get with an assembled PC?
All PC's assembled in their entirety by ICDistribution carry a one-year warranty on parts/components and labor. Other manufacturer warranties may extend certain components warranties beyond the original one-year period.

How long after I place an order will it be complete?
The time it takes us to complete a computer will vary depending on the number of PC's we have in queue. Please contact us for current turn-around time.

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Terms & Conditions

All PC's assembled by ICD carry a one year parts/components warranty and a one year labor warranty.

If the PC fails during this one-year period, please follow our RMA return policy to return the PC for service.

Any component(s) that fails after the one-year period but is still under the manufacturer's warranty, you must RMA the item directly to the manufacturer. Replacement times may vary so please consult with the manufacturer for their return policy.

Any computers returned for service to ICDistribution may be "restored to the original configuration" at ICD's discretion. Please insure that you or your customers have made a backup of any critical information on the PC prior to returning the computer for service.

ICDistribution warranties ONLY the components and software installed during the assembly process. ICDistribution will not support any additional hardware or software added by you or your customer.

ICDistribution only supports the original purchaser (you, the company). ICDistribution will not accept technical support phone calls or service PC's from your customer.

All quoted times for completion are and estimate and should not be viewed as a commitment by ICDistribution, though we will do everything possible to have the PC complete on the date it was quoted to be complete.

ICDistribution does not guarantee the fitness of the PC for a certain application, only that the PC is working according to industry standards. We do not make any warranties of the compatibility of the components to work with customer specific applications, only the ones that are installed and configured during the assembly process. Please consult with the third party software/hardware vendor to insure the components will work for the specified application you are purchasing the computer for.

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