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General Information

It's easy to set up an account with ICD. Just provide us with the following information, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • A copy of your current Business License from the state in which your business is set-up.
  • A copy of a valid State Sales Tax Exempt form from the state in which you are conducting business.

  • Credit Application

    In order to obtain net term privileges with ICDistribution or to use COD business check for ship-to customers, we must have your completed credit application on file.

    • You can obtain our credit application by:
    • All fields must be completed in order to begin processing the application.
    • When filling out the references section, please make sure:
      • The vendor you are listing will provide a credit reference. Many companies refuse to give credit reference of any kind.
      • The reference's correct address is listed. ICD mail's all credit references to the address you provide us.
      • All references you list must be for computer related vendors only. We regret we cannot accept your application as complete if non-computer related references are included.

    Payment Options

    Initial Payment Options:

    • Will Call Customers: payment may be made by cash, business check (subject to approval by our check guarantee services) or credit card (subject to approval by credit card merchant service).
    • Shipping to Customers: payment may be made by COD, cashier's check, pre-payment, or credit card (subject to approval by credit card merchant service).

    Advanced Payment Options:

    • Will Call Customers: upon completion and approval of our credit application (see below), net term accounts may be set up.
    • Shipping to Customers: upon completion and approval of our credit application (see below), payments can be made by COD business check and/or net terms in addition to the above payment types.

    Orders & Shipping

    • Orders can be placed by phone, fax, or sending e-mail to: sales@icdistribution.com (please be sure to include your company name, contact name, and customer number in the e-mail).
    • Our operating hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm USA EST. Orders may be faxed or emailed at anytime, however if received outside our business hours they will be completed the following business day. It is possible to allow other arrangements to be made with your sales representative to pick up merchandise outside our normal business hours.
    • Any will-call orders not picked up within three (3) business days will be returned to stock and cancelled, unless other arrangements have been made with your sales representative.
    • All ship to orders must be received by 4:30pm in order to ship products the same day. Any orders received after this time will ship the next day.
    • All shipping charges will appear on the invoice (COD fees and insurance charges will also be included in the shipping cost).
    • All orders are shipped UPS Ground unless specified otherwise by the customer.
    • All orders are shipped complete unless otherwise specified by the customer (if one line item is out of stock, we will hold the entire order until it is complete and ship the order that day).
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