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Returns & Exchanges

ICDistribution strives to return all merchandise back to the customer in a timely fashion.  We do same day or next day product replacements on all in stock items.

Returning a Product for Credit

A product may be returned for credit provided it meets the following requirements:

  • The product must be returned to ICDistribution within seven -7- calendar days of the customer receipt date (not the invoice date).  ICDistribution reserves the right to  refuse any requests for credit after seven days.  ICDistribution will credit the paid invoice price for the product.
  • The product may be returned within thirty -30- days from the INVOICE DATE for credit, but may be subject to a 15% restocking fee and/or a credit for current market value for the product at ICDistribution's option. Once again, we reserve the right to refuse requests for credit after seven days.
  • All products must be received in "new condition" to include, but not limited to: all manuals, literature, diskettes, CD's, cabling, etc.
  • Any product found to have writing or damage to the original manufacturer's box, manuals, components, and/or accessories will be changed from a "for credit" status to a "replacement" status or will incur a 15% restocking fee at ICDistribution's option.  If the product is changed to a replacement status, the defective component will be replaced and all of the received boxes, manuals, cable, etc. will be returned to the customer.
  • Any product returned for credit that is found to be missing manuals, software, cables and/or accessories will be changed from a "for credit" status to a "replacement" status or may incur an additional fee at ICDistribution's option.

Shipping the Item to ICDistribution

Below are general guidelines to follow when packaging and shipping the defective components to ICDistribution:

  • All items received must include a valid RMA number on the outside of the package and/or shipping label.
  • Any package that does not have a valid RMA number will be refused and returned to the customer.
  • All shipments must be packaged properly. This includes using industry standard packing materials (crushed Styrofoam, shredded paper, rolled up newspaper, etc. are NOT acceptable packaging materials). All static sensitive components must be inside anti-static bags. Failure to comply with the above will result in a refusal of the package and the shipment will be returned to the customer without replacement.
  • All shipments must be shipped freight pre-paid. Any packages received "freight collect" will be refused.

Obtaining an RMA Number

To obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, please call us at (757)873-8288 or complete our online RMA form. Prior to calling us, please have the following information available:

  • Company name
  • Customer account number (listed on the upper right side of all invoices)
  • Invoice number (ending in "-IN")
  • ICDistribution part number/SKU to be returned
  • Detailed description of the problem with the defective component
  • Serial number

An RMA number will then be issued on the phone, or with a return e-mail. 

General Terms & Policies

  • ICDistribution reserves the right to request a copy of the original invoice and may refuse an RMA should the customer not be able to provide this.
  • Any returned merchandise received that does not match the items on the RMA form will be returned to the customer freight collect.
  • Products received with physical defects (burnt CPU's/memory, broken pins, cracked/scratched cases, etc.) will be returned to the customer without replacement.
  • RMA numbers are valid for 14 calendar days. Should ICDistribution not receive the merchandise within 14 days, the customer will need to request a new RMA number.
  • ICDistribution warranties all products from the date of the original invoice and not from the date of any replacements that were issued within the warranty period.
  • ICDistribution DOES NOT perform cross ship services. All products must be received by ICDistribution prior to shipping out any replacements.
  • All merchandise received by ICDistribution will be tested and a replacement will be given based on the result of the test. Any components that are found to be in working condition based on industry standards will be returned to the customer without replacement.
  • Software, consumables, and removable drive media cannot be returned. Please be sure the product purchased is suitable for your customer's needs.
  • ICDistribution makes no warranty or claim on the merchantability, fitness, compatibility, or application of the products purchased. Please consult with the manufacturer regarding the compatibility or fitness for a particular use.
  • ICDistribution is not responsible for your customer's acceptance or approval of the product.
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